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Unwind Without Consequences with FOY: a Premium Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay

Indulge in the Rich Taste of Real Wine - Zero Hangovers, 30 Calories, Pure Enjoyment

FOY Dealcoholized Chardonnay


Why Make FOY Your Next Drink?

🏆 Crafted in California by an Award-Winning Winemaker
🍷 Premium & Authentic Chardonnay, Dealcoholized
🌟 Recognized by Industry Experts for Quality & Flavor
🌿Easy & Health Conscious Alternative to Alcohol
🥂 Perfect for Socializing Without the Hangover

FOY Dealcoholized Chardonnay is a premium non-alcoholic wine made from California grapes grown & produced by award winning winemaker Drew Damskey. Winemaking has been in the Damskey family for generations, and he's been involved in many high end wine productions.

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Say No to Hangovers! A Non-Alcoholic Option Without Compromise.


🍷 Tired of Hangovers After Enjoying a Glass of Wine?

Experience mornings without regrets – FOY ensures a hangover-free indulgence that lets you wake up refreshed.

Savor the rich taste of real wine, guilt-free, and embrace a new era of delightful non-alcoholic moments


🥂 Want a Non-Alcoholic Option Without Sacrificing Taste?

Say goodbye to the compromise between taste and well-being with FOY.

Our solution ensures a delightful non-alcoholic experience, letting you savor the best of both worlds – richness in flavor and a guilt-free lifestyle.


🕰️ Struggling to Find 'Me-Time' in Your Busy Life?

For busy moms and professionals, FOY is the go-to choice – a low-calorie luxury that provides a much needed escape.

Indulge in taste without compromise and discover the perfect solution for those seeking 'Me-Time' in every sip

Hear What Our Excited Customers Are Saying About Foy

"Just tried FOY, and it's my new go-to non-alcoholic chardonnay. As a wine lover with a busy life, it's a game-changer. The flavor is spot-on, and I love that it's low-calorie. Perfect for those unwind moments without the alcohol. Shared it with friends, and we're all hooked. Cheers to FOY for nailing it" - Elizabeth M., Wine Enthusiast & Busy Nurse

"Discovered FOY recently and it's become a regular in my lineup. As someone who enjoys wine but prefers non-alcoholic options at times, FOY hits the spot. The taste is surprisingly good, and the low-calorie aspect makes it a smart choice. It's just a nice addition to my evenings without the aftermath. Definitely recommending it to friends looking for a solid non-alcoholic alternative!." - Hayden G., Professional Chef

"FOY caught my eye when I was exploring non-alcoholic wines, and it's been my go-to since. It tastes really good, and I appreciate the effort put into the details like the packaging. Most of the other brands I tried tasted like grape juice and were too sweet tasting. You can tell that FOY is made by a professional winemaker. If you're into non-alcoholic options I'd give FOY a try." - Samantha B., Newly Sober

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Crafting Excellence: Our Story at FOY

Meet FOY's Founder & CEO, Caroline Stelte

"I created FOY because I wanted everyone to have fun at gatherings, no matter their drink preference. As not much of a drinker myself, I was wanting another option that tasted great and let me keep my wellbeing. From there, the idea to create a clean, high quality non alcoholic wine that tasted amazing started. In early 2023 Drew and I got to work.  

After months of crafting our wine blend, testing, and figuring out what this wine would stand for, we created the ultimate non alcoholic chardonnay. FOY is for the nights you will remember. FOY is for the sober curious, the busy mom, the person who wants a change. FOY is for that person struggling to find 'me-time'. FOY is for the life of the party who doesn't need alcohol to live their best life. FOY is for all."

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Sip Excellence - Buy Your FOY Now!

Indulge in Rich Taste, Zero Hangovers - Order Your FOY Bottle for Pure Enjoyment

🍷Authentic Chardonnay
✔️Zero Hangovers Guarantee
🔍Only 35 Calories Per Bottle

Order today using our safe & secure checkout protected by Shopify. You are able to pay using a variety of methods including PayPal, Credit, & Debit. 



 Cheers To The Nights That You Will Remember 

To Do: Live in the Moment

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