Uncorking the Magic: The Journey of Crafting Dealcoholized Wine at FOY

Uncorking the Magic: The Journey of Crafting Dealcoholized Wine at FOY

At FOY, crafting our dealcoholized wine is an art form, a labor of love that begins in the vineyards and culminates in the exquisite flavor profiles you've come to expect from traditional wine. Meet Drew, our master winemaker, whose passion and expertise guide every step of the process!

It all starts with the finest grapes, carefully selected for their quality and flavor potential. These premium grapes undergo a meticulous fermentation process, spending five months in 100% French oak barrels. This extended aging period allows the wine to develop rich complexities and nuances, setting the stage for what's to come.

But here's where we set ourselves apart from the competition: we're not just concerned with what goes into each bottle; we're obsessed with it. That's why, after the aging process, we employ a vacuum distillation technique to gently remove the alcohol while preserving the integrity of the flavor profile. This innovative method ensures that every drop of FOY retains the essence of the grape, without any of the alcohol content.

On bottling day, our team returns with a commitment to clean ingredients and a dedication to building upon the foundation laid by nature. Drawing upon centuries of winemaking tradition, we artfully blend in carefully selected components to enhance the flavor profile, creating a product that rivals the complexity and depth of traditional wine.

The result? A dealcoholized wine that's not just an alternative—it's an experience. With FOY, you can uncork the magic of wine without compromise, savoring each sip knowing that it's been crafted with care, passion, and a touch of artistry.

Join us on this journey, and discover why FOY is redefining what it means to enjoy wine, one bottle at a time.

Cheers to the art of crafting fine wine, the FOY way.

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