Hey there, wine enthusiasts and teetotalers alike! Get ready to sip on FOY’S  Non-Alcoholic Chardonnay! Unleash those vibrant vineyard vibes without compromising on flavor. Crafted by Drew Damskey- our fabulous winemaker- this Chardonnay is born from the same love and passion as traditional wine! We let the grapes dance through the fermentation process, developing those signature crisp wine notes, a touch of citrusy sunshine, and a hint of 'oh-la-la' oak.

But here comes the twist - we've waved our wand and gently removed the alcohol, while keeping all the deliciousness intact! So whether you're toasting to the weekday unwind or wanting to be more present in life's amazing moments, our handcrafted beverage will have you saying, 'Yes way, Chardonnay!' Go ahead, pour a glass, and cheers to the nights that you will remember with the friends that you won’t forget!


    FOY is crafted with meticulous care, featuring a subtle alcohol content that consistently remains below the universal accepted limit of 0.5% ABV for non-alcoholic beverages. To guarantee the quality and integrity of each batch, we subject them to rigorous laboratory testing, ensuring they meet and surpass this industry standard.

    The modest alcohol content in FOY NA wine is comparable to the naturally occurring fermentation found in artisanal kombucha. We take pride in the craftsmanship of our NA wine, delivering a delightful and sophisticated option for those seeking an alternative in their life with all the flavors and charm of traditional wines.


    Listen, we don’t want to pressure anyone into drinking FOY- especially expecting mothers. However; while it's improbable that the consumption of non-alcoholic beverages would present any risks, we strongly recommend expectant mothers to seek guidance from a healthcare professional when making the choice to drink FOY during pregnancy. It's important to note that beverages containing less than 0.5% alcohol by volume do not require a pregnancy warning, which often puts many at ease when considering non-alcoholic wines like FOY.

    In the end, the decision to enjoy FOY lies with the individual and their distinctive pregnancy/breastfeeding journey, always taking into account their personal circumstances and healthcare advice.


    Long story short, no. FOY distinguishes itself from grape juice or typical non-alcoholic beverages by undergoing the same meticulous fermentation process as traditional wines. This distinctive approach is the result of a dedicated commitment to crafting a product that transcends the expectations of non-alcoholic alternatives. Drew, the visionary winemaker behind FOY, set out on a mission to create a non-alcoholic wine that could authentically replicate the complex flavors and nuances found in alcoholic counterparts. By adhering to the traditional winemaking process, complete with fermentation, Drew has succeeded in ensuring that FOY offers a genuine and refined wine-like taste.

    What sets FOY NA Wine apart is its unwavering dedication to providing a rich and nuanced drinking experience for individuals who opt to abstain from alcohol, regardless of their taste preferences. Drew & Caroline’s goals were to deliver a product that doesn't compromise on the essence of wine. By maintaining the fermentation process, FOY retains the depth, character, and sophistication that wine enthusiasts appreciate, making it a standout choice for those seeking a non-alcoholic beverage that truly captures the essence of a fine wine, without the alcohol.